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Congresswoman Plaskett’s Interview w/Ernice Gilbert of the VI Consortium

September 20, 2023

Today (Wed. 9/20) at 8:00am ET, Congresswoman Plaskett will be joined by the VI Consortium’s Ernice Gilbert in her Washington, DC office for an interview that will cover current matters, including her being chosen as an Honorary Co-Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus’s Annual Legislative Confere...

  • Floor Remarks Honoring The Life and Service of Detective Delberth Phipps, Jr. July 28, 2023

    I stand here today on behalf of slain Virgin Islands Detective Delberth Phipps, Jr. Detective Phipps was killed in the line of duty on July 4, 2023. He and his fellow officers rushed to the scene of an active shooting where a gunman, armed with an AR-15 rifle and bulletproof vest, opened fire. He gave his life in service to his community. My prayers and deepest condolences go to his family, his son, Demel Phipps, along with his loved ones and fellow Virgin Islands Police Department officers.

  • Floor Remarks Congratulating Dr. Donna Christiansen July 18, 2023

    Today, I rise to congratulate my predecessor, the Honorable Dr. Donna Christensen on the unanimous approval of the Virgin Islands Legislature to rename the Charles Harwood Memorial Complex in her honor. Dr. Christensen spent her life as a public servant and a leader in each of her roles, whether it's medical, educational, or political. For decades she has built a legacy as a pioneer – she was the first female physician to serve as a member of Congress, the first female to represent an offshore t...

  • Floor Remarks on The DiasporaLink Act (H.R. 3385) June 22, 2023

    I rise today to highlight my bill, H.R. 3385, The DiasporaLink Act. This critical piece of legislation will request review of the feasibility of an undersea fiber optic telecommunication cable established between the United States and Africa via a link in the Virgin Islands of the United States. This bill offers a significant opportunity to deepen economic connections and aid American regional security by establishing a high-speed, secure, telecommunications data connection from American soil to...

  • Congresswoman Plaskett on Trump Indictment and Intelligence Committee June 21, 2023

    I think Trump has been afforded such grace that would not be afforded to other individuals in this instance. He tries to do these false equivalents by creating equating what he did to what Hillary Clinton or Vice President Pence or President Biden. The main difference is when those individuals were found to have had documents and were told by Archives or any other lawful government agency to return them, they did. President Trump did not. And not only did he not return them when requested lawful...

  • Juneteenth 2023 June 21, 2023

  • Father's Day 2023 June 21, 2023

  • Floor Remarks on Emancipation Day Resolution (H.Res. 368) June 14, 2023

    Today I rise to honor my ancestors as we approach the 175th anniversary of our emancipation, the self-emancipation of the enslaved people of the Danish West Indies. It’s ironic that now in the United States, right now there’s a war being waged to sensor and erase that history and heritage, not just of Virgin Islanders, but of all Black and Brown people in this nation. The bloody insurrection of American revolutionaries to attain their freedom is celebrated, yet the history of resilience and stre...

  • The Stafford Act PSA Explainer June 11, 2023

    In the last few weeks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has made announcements regarding obligations of funding for very large rebuilding projects in the Virgin Islands. These projects, such as the replacement of the Alexander Henderson Elementary School at $74,155,208 and the rebuild of the Juan F Luis Hospital at $834,471,422, are the culmination of tremendous work to obligate money that was appropriated by Congress in 2018. After the 2017 storms over 100 Members of Congress came...

  • Floor Remarks on Caribbean-American Heritage Month June 6, 2023

    I rise today in recognition of Caribbean-American Heritage Month. This June, we acknowledge and celebrate our diverse Caribbean-American contributions to this nation’s history for the 17th year. Personally, I am proud of my Caribbean lineage and want to honor the universal pride that all Caribbean people share across the U.S. Historically, Caribbean-Americans have been key players in the development, growth, and flourishment of the United States. Originally entering the U.S. in bondage, Caribbea...

  • District Summer 2022 Intern Recap Production June 6, 2023

    Here is our Summer 22’ Intern Recap! Every year, my office host interns from various schools and policy interests. Listen to their experiences in our office this past summer. I am pleased to host many more interns this term and can’t wait to hear their perspectives!

  • Floor Remarks on Defaulting the Debt Ceiling May 25, 2023

    We are days away from defaulting on our debt for the first time in our nation’s history. Extreme Maga Republicans have needlessly manufactured an economic crisis and refuse to release their grip on the American people. Why do I say the American people? Because the cuts they want are going to cut seven million jobs, millions access to Medicare, slash critical funding for education…food for children! For what? To protect the shameless tax cuts they did in their bill that have added three trillion ...

  • Washington Report Interview of USEC Xochit Torres-Small May 23, 2023

    In case you missed it the airing on WTJX! The Washington Report’s first episode features my interview of Xochit Torres-Small who is presently the Undersecretary of Rural Development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We discussed a range of issues, including housing, energy and farming in the Virgin Islands from the Rural Development perspective.

  • So-Called FBI “Whistleblower” Hearing Interview w/ Anderson Cooper 360 May 18, 2023

    “The work of this select subcommittee is a concerted effort to undermine Americans’ confidence in the rule of law, the Department of Justice and the FBI.”—said RM Plaskett

  • Floor Remarks on Legislation to prevent the Expansion of the V.I. National Park on St. John,H.R.3025 May 15, 2023

    This past week, I introduced legislation to prohibit the net increase of federally owned land in the Virgin Islands National Park Service on St.John. The Virgin Islands National Park boundary encompasses nearly two-thirds of St. John. Within the Park boundary, there is both federally owned and privately-owned land. There is a finite amount of land for the residents of St.John, who are already confronting housing shortages. This legislation takes the necessary steps to prevent an increase of land...