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State of the Union speech did not unify, it excluded

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I did not have high expectations for this year’s State of the Union address. But I expected that the President would be duty bound to address the devastation wrought by hurricanes Irma and Maria and give his administration’s plans for rebuilding, and therefore I felt it was necessary to be present when that outline was given. I also hoped to hear President Trump’s plan to provide this Republican-...

The Ironic State of  Freedom without Democracy

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OPINION- Published in the Hill- July 11, 2017 Last week on July 4 we commemorated the Declaration of Independence, the affirmative document outlining the ideals of equality and democracy and upheld as a model around the world. For a small group of Americans, this year is also a centennial milestone. It marks 100 years that the people of the Virgin Islands have been part of the United States and ha...

A Letter from Stacey E. Plaskett Esq.

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Dear Source: I want to bring a matter of great importance to your attention. A major tax exemption was recently attached to a bill as an amendment by Senator Shawn Michael Malone. By using a last-minute amendment, Senate President Malone avoided the usual committee process and public hearings. At a time when we are facing a budget deficit so serious that government workers were forced to endure an...